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Step Outside the Box With Mobile Billboard Advertising

You might be stuck thinking that there are only certain things you can do when it comes to marketing your business. Here is your chance to reinvent your company’s image or promote a new product when you have a billboard truck in Los Angeles spreading the word. Driving Around Regular billboards are a thing of the past because there are so many disadvantages to using one. For example, regular billboards are stationary, which means people who are driving by have to look up and read it in a short amount of time. With a billboard truck in Los Angeles, we will be able to drive around in populated areas bringing attention to your advertisement. Events Having a mobile billboard truck with your message on it is ideal for marketing your business. It is even better when it is strategically placed in high-traffic locations such as concerts, games, and other special events.  Park in Certain Location Let us park in an area where a lot of people will be able to see your advertise

3 Things You Can Promote on a Mobile Billboard Truck Part 2

Of course, the type of things that you are going to promote depends on the kind of business you own. In a previous post, we discussed somethings that you can promote on a mobile billboard truck . Since there are numerous things that you can advertise on our mobile billboards, we thought we would create another list to help inspire a campaign for your business. New Products Whether your new product is clothing, food, home d├ęcor items, or anything else, you need a creative way to roll out new products. Attract the eye of potential customers with a mobile billboard truck with your advertisement as it drives around town. Special Events If you are hosting an event, you can rely on a mobile billboard truck to spread the word around town. With a specially designed advertisement, you can place all the critical information on the ad, so everyone will receive the correct information they need to attend your upcoming event. New Locations Are you opening a new location for you

3 Things You Can Promote on a Mobile Billboard Truck Part 1

In your advertising meetings, you should have an open mind to new approaches to reaching your customers. One way to reach your customers is to place your ad where people will see it. At Eye Catching Media, our mobile billboard trucks are ready to spread your message to potential customers everywhere. Below you can check out three things you can promote on a mobile billboard truck in Los Angeles . Retail Promotions & Sales If your business involves selling multiple products, you can benefit from promoting a sale that is coming up. Let us help you spread the news about your upcoming sale by advertising it all around town where people will see it. New Website Did you recently get a website for your business and are now accepting online orders? Did you get an upgraded website with a new domain name? Let your customers know with a widespread advertising campaign on a mobile billboard truck in Los Angeles. Grand Opening If you are opening a new company, you need to l

3 Reasons Your Business Needs to Hire a Billboard Truck in Los Angeles

If you are a business owner, you are constantly looking for new, creative ways to attract more customers. Advertising is the ultimate way to influence potential customers, but there are so many options to choose from and knowing what the right path for your business is can be challenging. Eye Catching Media is here to help by providing three reasons why you should hire a billboard truck in Los Angeles to showcase your business. Expand Your Campaign Reach- A stationary billboard can only reach people who are driving by, but with a billboard truck in Los Angeles, we bring the advertisement to them. Track Our Routes- We track all of our truck routes, so you can see exactly where your advertisement is being seen by your potential customers. Product Sampling- If you have products that you want our professional drivers to pass out at specific locations, we can do that for you. By letting potential customers sample your products, you are more likely to attract that person to y

3 Advantages of using Billboard Advertising in Sacramento, CA

Take your messages directly to the people with mobile billboard advertising in Sacramento, CA , and the surrounding areas when you choose Eye Catching Media. Check out three advantages you will have over the traditional billboard advertising below. Flexibility- Our team is flexible when it comes to customizing your advertising campaign because we want to give you the most exposure as possible. We can get your message in front of the ideal audience at any time. From one-day events to month-long campaigns, our team is ready to create the ideal mobile billboard advertising campaign for your business. State-of-the-Art Trucks- Our billboard trucks are equipped with quality sound systems that will set the tone and help draw a crowd. If you want the trucks to drive around or appear in the evening, our lighting provides the extra appeal to make a statement. Cost Efficient- Saving money is always a perk! Mobile billboards have the lowest cost per thousand impressions over other